About the Ikagaku Kyoshitsu Blog

by Melinda Hull

This blog is written by me (Melinda Hull) primarily for Japanese and non-native students of English as well as native English speakers who are working in Japan with Japanese. The content will focus primarily on my thoughts on issues related to the study of the English language, particularly in Japan. These issues will include English education in Japan, academic writing in Japan, how to study a foreign language, communication issues between Japanese and native English speakers and a whole lot more!

The blog is written in a style which is halfway between written English and spoken English. I am making a special point of the writing style, because whenever I write, I try to write in a way that a non-native writer of English can learn from and even emulate. I also try to follow my own “Global English Grammar Rules” which many attendees of my classes and workshops should be familiar with. Thus, sentences should have a solid English-style foundation and be compact with clear identification of all the elements contained within the sentences themselves. However, some of the content may be written in a spoken English style that either “breaks” the rules or would be inappropriate in an academic paper.

Another objective of this blog is to expand the English vocabulary, general knowledge and skill level of you, my dear readers. I will be deliberately using words and phrases that I think the average Japanese reader may not know. If you are going to take the time to read this blog, I hope you are stimulated by the content AND learn some new words within the content. Thus, this blog will also have a vocabulary list and an audio recording of the content for you to use as listening practice. A lot of this vocabulary will be deliberately reused in multiple locations and multiple contexts. This deliberate repetition should help make these words your own!

The blog will be posted here as well as eventually on Facebook and on Hatena. If you want to be notified of new postings, please register for the Ikagaku Kyoshitsu email list.

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