About One Point Tip

by Melinda Hull

One Point Tip will cover those little niggling questions that have been bothering you, but you couldn't find the answer to. One Point Tip will also cover questions that you didn't even think to ask! Check here for information on points of grammar, word usage, word misusage, and good practice in English, particularly academic writing. The articles in One Point Tip will be written primarily for Japanese writers of English, but hopefully will be informative for other non-native writers of English and those individuals who find themselves teaching Japanese and other non-native students of English.

One Point Tip will differ from the content of the Ikagaku Blog and Wordology in that while vocabulary will be defined, an audio version will not be available.

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Scheduled for Release in 2017!!

"Readings in Science and Medicine for Japanese" Volume I (ver. 1.0) ePub