About Wordology

by Melinda Hull

Wordology will focus primarly on issues related to the English language specifically as well as language in general. Wordology will be written, like the Ikagaku blog in a style which is halfway between written English and spoken English that a non-native writer of English can learn from and even emulate.

The articles will be longer than those found in the One Point Tips section and consider language related issues in much greater depth. Language is infinitely fascinating and I look forward to exploring it here with you. Topics in the pipeline include "Where did the word "Dear" come from?" "What is a Bridezilla?" and "What does it mean when you "doctor the evidence"?" You will find out the answers to these questions and more herein.

Another objective of Wordology, like the blog, is to expand the English vocabulary, general knowledge and skill level of you, my dear readers. I will be deliberately using words and phrases that I think the average Japanese reader may not know. If you are going to take the time to read this blog, I hope you are stimulated by the content AND learn some new words within the content. Thus, Wordology will also have a vocabulary list and an audio recording of the content for you to use as listening practice. A lot of this vocabulary will be deliberately reused in multiple locations and multiple contexts. This deliberate repetition should help make these words your own!

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