About Ikagaku Kyoshitsu

Ikagaku Kyoshitsu was initially launched with the objective of teaching the ins and outs of writing an academic paper in English to students, doctors, researchers and even professors in the field of medicine. Our target audience has since expanded to include individuals in the basic sciences, social sciences and even the humanities. However, the course material, objectives and samples which are used are geared more toward the sciences, both clinical and basic.

The founder/instructor of Ikagaku Kyoshitsu is Melinda Hull. Ms. Hull has lived much of her adult life in Japan working as an English editor, Japanese-to-English translator and teacher of English academic writing with a focus on the medical field. She has a wealth of experience which helps her understand the differences between Japanese and English, and how these differences create problems in organizing and writing a paper in English for Japanese academics as well as a barrier to communication. Ms. Hull tries, through the lectures offered by Ikagaku Kyoshitsu, to help Japanese students and academics learn how to effectively and efficiently write an academic paper in English which is in conformity with international common practice. You can go here, for more information on the courses offered at Ikagaku Kyoshitsu.

At present, Ikagaku Kyoshitsu offers primarily lectures given on-site at universities, research institutes and academics conferences. However, we are planning to expand into online learning which will incorporate print, audio and video resources. If you would like to be informed of new developments, please register for the Ikagaku Kyoshitsu email list.