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Ikagaku Kyoshitsu

How to Write an Academic Paper in English (for Japanese) I
4 to 12 hrs (Lecture length can be adjusted to meet your needs.) Sample Schedule

When did you write your first paper? How much formal training have you received on writing a paper in English? Most academics in Japan face the daunting prospect of writing their first paper without any proper training. These lectures on "How to Write an Academic Paper in English (for Japanese)" have been developed based on the lecturer's long experience not only editing and translating papers written by Japanese, but also working with students in the classroom. The objective of these lectures is to correct widespread misconceptions held by and help correct common errors made by Japanese.

These lectures are designed to provide a solid starting point for future study of English academic writing. The vast majority of the time will focus on the three areas of Style & Formatting, Organization and Grammar as described below. You can see a sample schedule here and contact Ikagaku Kyoshitsu here for more information about pricing and scheduling.

Course Overview

Style & Formatting

Authors must have a strong grasp of style and formatting if they want to write a paper for publication. Japanese authors typically are unaware of what style and formatting actually covers. Moreover, style and formatting issues are commonly thought of as minor or even ignored by Japanese authors, but these issues may lead to significant problems if they are ignored.


Organization of content is the most important crucial element of writing a research paper. Even if a well-organized paper has numerous grammatical mistakes, the foundation of the paper may still be strong. However, only the author can organize the content in a paper in the most effective manner. This unit will provide an overview on the principles of English organization and highlight the differences between English and Japanese styles of organization.


Grammar is often considered a boring and difficult topic. However, the goal of this unit is to provide Japanese authors with a few simple rules that can greatly improve their writing both in terms of basic grammar and clarity of meaning.

These lectures have been created to help university students who are nervously preparing to write their first paper, individuals who may have written a couple of papers but were never really taught how to write an academic paper in English as well as university faculty who are looking for hints on how to teach and/or supervise their own students.