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Ikagaku Kyoshitsu

How to Write Email in English - Approximately 4 hrs
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Email is a great communication tool. Actually email in English is an essential tool for academics, businesspeople and anyone else who wants to function internationally. However, many Japanese find writing an email in English to be a real challenge. Moreover, Japanese are often uninformed or misinformed on the rules of English polite language. If you think that just writing "I would appreciate if you . . ." makes your email polite, this lecture is for you!! Find out why "I would appreciate" can be extremely rude.

This lecture will focus on the rules of English politeness which are presented in an easy to remember manner. These rules will allow you to be able to write an email in your own voice based on the principles of English politeness. Attendees will also have the opportunity to write a few emails of their own which will be analyzed and corrected in class.

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